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How to Make a Napkin Rose

Napkins fashioned into roses are perfect for an afternoon Tea.  They are so feminine and make a delightful impression on your guests. What made the one above look so realistic is that it had all four sides completely edged with a frilly ruffle.  This is THE BEST way on earth to use a napkin that has four ruffled edges! Have you ever tried to fold a napkin with four ruffled edges?  It's too big to hold in the middle and squish outward.  It looks awkward when folded any other way.  I know, I tried it first!
The napkin doesn't have to be a solid color to look amazing.  The napkin above is a floral patterned one.  The leaves were taken from an artificial floral arrangement I designed for the edges of the tables.  I will feature how to make them in the next day or two, so please check back!  I am a believer that "details make it delightful".
The smaller the napkin the smaller the rose.  Folding the napkins this way saves so much room on a tea table.

(To enlarge these instructions, press "Control +" until you reach a comfortable viewing size.)

I hope this has made it easy for you and you have fun making and displaying these.  They add so much more than normal to a table.  Actually, they make it delightful!

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XOXOX, Debbie


  1. Great instructions on how to make a rose napkin. I was blessed to enjoy a beautiful rose in my teacup when enjoying a lovely tea in your home. Truly you are a 'Delightful Hostess'