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How to Make an Edible Teacup & Saucer

This is toooooo cute not to share!

Our CBS (Community Bible Study) Leadership Tea every February is a group effort of six of the Senior Leaders designing, constructing, and hosting a lovely tea for the rest of our leadership team.  We are always trying to come up with ways to make them involuntarily express oohs, aahs, and wows!  This year we decided to make edible mini tea cups.

We started with these white chocolate cordial cups found at Tuesday Morning. You can find similar offerings at World Market, possibly Trader Joe's or local gourmet shops.

 We (Trina) set the base as a chocolate wafer cookie.  They can be purchased online here:

Trina filled the cups with caramel that you drizzle over ice cream. Doesn't it look like tea? ;-) She attached the front flower (purchased at a cake decorating shop) with white chocolate that she had when she hand-crafted the diminutive teacup handles.   They were placed on the most adorable lace sugar doilies.  I found them in Tea Time Magazine or Southern Lady Magazine.  They were pictured in a cup of tea.  I thought they would be so great for our tea, but I experimented with one before the tea, thankfully, and found out that they dissolve and break apart in a rather unattractive way that did not  show off their best feature.  So we brainstormed and came up with these as our plan B.  I feel they are worthy of plan A status. You can order the lace sugar doilies from Sweet Marve Lace an Etsy shop.  She has a parade of designs and quantities.

Lace sugar doily atop the chocolate cookie wafer.

The Grande Finale!  Such a remarkable treat!

I'm sure these would work for chocolate cups too.  We just liked the look of these for teacups.  I hope you get the chance to make someone's day delightful with these cute little teacups. 

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XOXOX, Debbie


  1. Truly an extravagant way to wow a guest at your tea! Not only is it lovely to look at but completely edible! Thank you for sharing all the lovely resources, so others can do this delighted treat!

    1. Dee, you are always so sweet to comment! Very tech savvy! I sure hope the little helps make it easier for others who want to duplicate. Hugs~