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Beach Themed Party

Going "Under The Sea" was the theme of this party prepared for the winners of my blog contest.

Because I was once told, "Life is uncertain, you better start with dessert first"  
I have decided to implement that quote by starting with dessert first!

Dessert was a Molten Chocolate Espresso Cupcake topped with a decadent chocolate whipped cream and sprinkled with espresso powder, adorned with white chocolate sea shells.  Recipe found on Pinterest from Something Swanky The dish was sprinkled with brown sugar to resemble sand.  I love to add these little details that make a big difference.

 I got so excited when I thought of inviting this cute little fella and five of his best friends!

Every once in a while I come across a GREAT deal.  This was the case for the Morgantown Peacock Crinkle Glass sherbet dishes I found at a really junky thrift shop!  I was able to pick them up for $1.00 each!!!  What really made them even more beautiful was the delicious salad of Romaine lettuce, fresh strips of mango, avocado, strawberries and candied almond slices topped with poppy seed dressing. Umm, umm good!

If you don't look good in blue you are in trouble! Everything about this party centered around the color blue and reflections of it where found everywhere!  

Attached to the chandelier were strips of glittered blue tulle, cute feathered fish and glitzy seahorses hung from fisherman's wire. Diminutive round mirrors were glued together on the wire to mimic bubbles. This created an element of whimsy and made it feel more like you were under the sea.  Candles purchased from Pier 1 had sea shells melted within.  Glittery turquoise blue candles were discovered at Michael's.  (They usually have a 40% offer on their iPhone app ;-)

 Each table setting hosted a unique and different vantage point of a seascape.

By design, there was glitz, glitter and shine everywhere. 
 Broken shells lent a more authentic appearance.

 Place cards were formed as messages in a bottle with sea shells and raffia attached atop. One of the snail shells was embellished with opalescent blue sequins. 

 Turquoise napkins added a splashy look.

A starfish and blue sea glass took cover inside the safety of  a  really glamorous sea shell!

Delicate blue water glasses, shiny crystal wine glasses, and bubbly high ball glasses embellished with whimsical blue fish were ready to serve refreshing drinks within.

 Oh, how I would love to collect sea shells along the seashore!  I had to purchase mine. 
 They can be found in all shapes and sizes everywhere in the summer, including online.

 Another view of the hanging fish, seahorses and glistening water.

One thing that added the most amazing impression of water to the table was the scalloped Mylar blue sheet laid atop the paint drop cloth that gave the added impression of sand on the beach. Once again, I used two floor tiles attached to each other to resemble ocean rock.  At $2.00 per  place mat, I found them to be an excellent investment.

 The crystal resembled splashing water as did the napkins wrapped within cut out sea shells.

Scrumptious Lobster Bisque, Sea Shell Rolls and Butter Pats, & Cracker Fishes
Hibiscus flowers always lend a tropical look.
Above is a great picture of the plastic film that was inserted into the windows to make it appear like we were "Under The Sea". 


  1. Unfortunately, my "Comments" section was inoperable after posting this :-( if you visited and left a comment, I'd so appreciate it if you would try again. Thank you friends.

  2. Everything is so beautiful! I did the same theme once but it wasnt' quite as elaborate! One thing I did (not that I suggest it) was I got small feeder goldfish and put them into round bowls that you can find at Michael's for the centerpiece (my intention was to keep them in a larger aquarium, however, they died one by one with each subesequent day :'(.
    And I used hibiscus but used the tall and medium columnar vases and submerged them in water and then used a floating candle on top of them. The flowers look really beautiful and stay open. Where did you get the blue mylar sheeting? I LOVE that and what an excellent idea! This is just beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Seana! I love your ideas and bet your party was such a delight for your guests. The Mylar sheeting was purchased at a floral supply wear house. I hope you will visit again.

    2. Additionally, because you can't always find the Mylar sheeting, you can purchase shiny Mylar fabric by the yard at Jo-Ann's Fabrics.

  3. Its really amazing and pretty :). Where did you get the glittery blue branches from? Or is you made it, how?

    1. Thank you Hanna! They were purchased at a a floral supply wearhouse.

  4. Beautiful! I actually made notes….there were so many great ideas! Very creative!

    1. Thank you! I hope your endeavor turns out amazing!

  5. I am so excited that I found your blog. You are amazing! This table is amazing! I have been collecting the stuff for an Under The Sea Tablescape for several years. I have quite a collection of aqua, teal, and blue "Under the Sea" dishware and glassware ready to assemble into a tablescape. You have given me some wonderful ideas to use. I love the use of the flooring tiles for charger plates, and the Mylar table covering is gorgeous. I will be at Home Depot tomorrow to find tiles (fifteen inch would be perfect). I am just so excited and so inspired to use some of your ideas for this table. Your newest follower..... Candy

    1. Thank you so much Candy! Ocean themes are so much fun! Thank you, too, for becoming a follower. I really appreciate you. Happy entertaining!

  6. I loved your idea of the hanging tulle to look like water, I am going to try my hand at something similar. It was fabulous. We're going for a beach theme double birthday party. Very creative and inspiring. Cudos… LuLu

  7. Wow what a lot of work and nice job. I do coastal themes in the summer. I also do one Christmas theme coastal. The other six I rotate per year.