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Beach Themed Party Invitations

Planning, preparing, and having this party was extraordinarily DELIGHTFUL!!  The inspirations from the sea just kept washing up to the shore of my thoughts and searches.  In the days to come, I will be showing you how I planned my "Under The Sea"  Blog Contest Party. Contests can be fun and interesting, especially if the odds are great in your favor!  I am happy to report that this was very successful contest for me as well as the winners.  I am grateful that my family and friends came through for me and I went from 29 followers by email to 79 in three weeks! 

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In order to increase my blog subscribers, I hosted a contest in July for my local friends and family because the winners' prize was dinner at my home. For obvious reasons,  I wanted to know at least one of the people that would be coming. The winners were able to choose from twelve different themed parties.  I'm glad they chose "Under the Sea" because it's just so darned FUN, not to mention DELIGHTFUL!

Today I will be showing you how I constructed the invitations I gave them.  My goal was to inspire great interest and excitement in coming.

Above is the completed invitation ready to inset within the sewn burlap sack. 
I used turquoise glitter ribbon, three small seashells, and one opalescent blue sequin, along with 1/3 of a piece of triple braided rope.

 This is the invitation given to the dedicated winners.

The invitation was rolled and tied to appear as a message in a bottle that rolled up on the beach. Seashells and sand were added to give it an authentic look.  I then tied the bottle with pieces of rope, seashells, and a blue opalescent sequin, just like the outside of the burlap pouch,

Here are the materials used + sand.

 The wide burlap ribbon was measured to cover the bottle plus about three inches to accommodate the ribbon rope and embellishments. Prior to attaching the embellishments, 
 I sewed each side together . Then they were then ready to give :-)

Here they all are, ready to insert in the basket below for presenting to my winners.

While this picture shows party favors placed on top of the basket, 
it multii-tasked as a presentation piece for the invitations.
I would say they were surprised, and delighted to receive these as I heard many of my guests showed them to co-workers and others.  (That makes my day to hear!)

Next blog is the "Under The Sea" party decorations!  After that I will show the tablescape.  I believe you won't want to miss seeing that ;-)


  1. Sue Perkins Gammill wrote: You are so creative and I shared your blog with friends that we were staying with in New Jersey. She was amazed. Couldn't believe you go to so much trouble to make it delightful.

    It's worth it Sue. To make people feel extra special is so fun. Glad she and you liked it. :-)