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Beach Themed Party Decor

 A simple, relaxing table awaits guests to sit and enjoy a Blue Hawaiian Punch.

 Party favors are prepared for the guests ;-)

I could hardly wait for my guests to see and experience the feeling of actually dining 
"under the sea" with this window decor.  
Sold in 40 foot long sheets, you can purchase at Party City.
The table is dark in this picture because I'm not ready to show it to you. ;- )
I promise, it's worth waiting to see in beautiful, bright color.

 Candles set to give a glow in the dark after dinner.

Flowers, appetizers, and Starfish bubble glasses were anxiously awaiting welcoming my guests with refreshing Blue Hawaiian punch. Ahhh!

 This simple arrangement adds a tropical feel to the kitchen table.

 Seashells and driftwood paired with small ceramic fish dishes.

 Driftwood, candles, and sea treasures were waiting to greet my guests with the beachy feeling.
If you have been a blog follower of mine, you may remember my "Welcome" sign from last year's beach themed party.  It's a surprising idea that always garners compliments.  ;-)


  1. So cute! Great the colors too!

    1. Thanks Anita! You have to check out my blog tomorrow. The dinner table will be featured.

  2. I can't find the under the sea sheet decor. Called Party City and they say they don't have it. Any ideas or product codes would be helpful.

  3. Mine was purchased at. Floral supply wearhouse. You might try buying blue Mylar fabric from Jo-Ann's Fabrics. It will cast a similar look and is probably less expensive. Good luck! Thanks for stopping by and your inquiry.