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Ways to Warm Up Your Family Room for Autumn

Happy Autumn! 

It's been fun setting out all the Autumn decor this year.  I love how you can add sparkle to arrangements with mirrors, candle holders, metallic enhanced ribbon, glass pumpkins and glittery leaves.

Please excuse the hammer and chisel on the fireplace.  We (my husband) has been lifting the wood floor planks up due to water damage.  I should have caught that, but, I didn't.:- O  I wanted to show you the full look of the fireplace, which is the room's focal point, before I show you a close up.

When you walk in the family room it bursts with the look of fall.  
I feel like a puppy in a pile of raked up leaves!

While I really enjoy viewing the traditional orange pumpkin color, I felt it might be a good idea to incorporate a few of these creamy pumpkins on the sofa table the rests under the octagonal window.  This space furnishes a lot of height under the window.  So I opted to place these on top of some wooden candle sticks.  I turned a fairly large Autumn spray upside down in front of the candle sticks and it creates the look of newly fallen leaves.  I thought it was delightful!

 I think the vignette still needs some life.  I'll have to ponder that.

This wreath encircles a vintage look lantern and I keep it on my coffee table year around.  I never get tired of it and it pulls all the colors of the room into it's glory.  It really works well with all the Autumn decor I have displayed around the room.

Just off the family room is my kitchen that I have set up for an Autumn gathering.  I am getting excited to have a few friends over.  But...we have to complete the re-piping of our plumbing and lay new floors in the family room and kitchen before I can do that.  I'm hoping it will be all done within two weeks.  That would truly be delightful!!

I am thinking of serving chili and cornbread or pumpkin soup and sandwiches with a light salad.  What do you think you would serve?   I'd love to hear your ideas. 

Until next time, I hope you are able to make someone else's day delightful!  That's always fun!  

XOXOX, Debbie


  1. I love how you gave us a tour thru your home and all the colors of Autumn blending together so well. I have always loved that wreath and vintage lantern on your table and it does blend into all your themes! And for your dinner, why not pumpkin chili? I just had some last week-end at our church fall festival and it was delicious! Thanks for sharing your ideas Debbie always a pleasure~

  2. Thank you sweet Dee. Pumpkin Chili! That's a new one. I am going to have to look that up. Sounds interesting.