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Ways To Warm Up Your Dining Table For Autumn

I think Autumn is almost everyone's favorite time of year for a variety of reasons.  I know it is mine.  One of our very favorite vacations is going to New England in the Fall.  I must say, Utah and other states offer fabulous colorscapes as well.  The colors at this time of year are anywhere from majestic to magical.  Photographs never do them justice.  

When decorating my autumn tables, I make every effort to duplicate the beauty of the natural season.  I love fresh flowers as a rule, however, in Autumn I am able to save lots of money by using artificial florals that give me the look I desire without having recurring costs each year.  I invite you to come take a look at what I've come up with.

To begin with,  a bright orange tablecloth graces the table.  Adding to that are rattan chargers topped with fine Lenox Eternal china this year, rather than the autumn colored plates of past years.  I adore these leaf and bird appetizer plates that furnish a pop of color and will launch the dining experience.  They could also be used for rolls and butter and be placed to the left of the dinner plate above the forks.

 A little silk leaf was added for whimsy above. A bit of berries is added below.

Combinations of crimson and sage bird plates were alternated at every other place setting.

Lenox Charleston water goblets were chosen to create sparkle on the table.  They teamed up beautifully with the King's Crown vintage wine goblets, which contributed to creating additional drama in the color on the table.

An Autumn wreath encircles the vase with sequined sparkles and artificial bittersweet berries.

Additionally, Autumn sprays fill the brushed nickel vases on each side of the centerpiece.  If you look closely you can see the glittered glass leaves that were purchased at Hobby Lobby this year.  I loved the sparkle they provided to the table.


If you are thinking that the artificial flowers don't do a table justice, please think again.  I have never had a guest come in and say, "I'm surprised you used artificial florals", or  any other negative sounding comment about them.  Everyone generally ooohs and ahhhs over the settings, which makes all my efforts worth it to me. ;-)

I did purchase new Autumn napkins this year from Kohl's.  I just love them!  Along with the small floral sprays that could be used for napkin rings, they really look amazing.  I'm just setting the sprays on the table this year so that the napkins don't have to compete with any other thing.

I took this picture in the morning light because I wanted to show how the glass sparkled.
 I'm lucky that my upholstery and draperies lend themselves to the Autumn color pallet too.

Any menu choice would only be enhanced by the table setting.  I'm thinking a roasted pork with an apricot or other fruited sauce.  Now I'm getting hungry!

Can you see the pumpkin salt and pepper shakers within the small basket? 
It's fun, it's Autumn, and it keeps them together as they are passed around the table.

I so love the deep reds and golds in the leaves of Autumn, don't you?

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my labor of love.  I wish I could have each and everyone one of you over for dinner.  How fun that would be!  

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I only post when I have something I think would be of value or pleasure to you.  My next post will feature how I decorated my family room.  I hope you'll come back and join me for some more Autumn ideas.

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I would love to hear about your Autumn plans. Hope you have a DELIGHTFUL day!  



  1. I too love Autumn and I love your tablescape this year, my favorite is the bird plates of course what a great topper to delight the senses! I grew up in Utah and know first hand how lovely Fall is in my home state. However we went on a fabulous Fall trip for 3 weeks and went to New England from R.I. up to Vermont over to New Hampshire back down to Mass and on to R.I. again. One of our best trips. And this table setting reminds me of all those lovely colors we saw. Thanks for sharing Debbie, you out did yourself again! Fabulous!

  2. Dee, you are so sweet. I felt like I took a momentary trip with you. There is nothing I've seen that is pretty than that area in the fall. Thank you for you kind words!