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Flower Holders Made From Tin Cans

Normally, I'm not that much into the shabby chic look for my home, but I do appreciate it's whimsy and unique appearance.  My sister and I wanted to construct something for my mother's caregivers to express thanks for the care they give our mother.  I had a collection of cans that I knew I wanted to use "some day".  Here's what we did with a few of them.

Because it was May, we decided to fashion these flower containers to resemble traditional May Day Flower Hangers.  We wrapped wired twine around the cans in, up and down, and in an all around fashion.  Then we constructed handles atop the cans connected to the body twine as handles so that they could be hung on door knobs or hooks.  We then attached cotton lace, burlap, ribbons, and bird and butterfly name tags.  The final task was to fill them with roses from my garden. 

Double Delight & Yellow St. Patrick's Roses

The ladies loved them and we were so happy we made them.  Now, we will have to continue to supply them with lovely flowers to make more of their days delightful.

Plastic cups were inserted as to not rust the inside of the cans.  They fit and worked perfectly.

I'd love to know what you think and what kind of artsy-cragty projects you might be up to as summer begins.  I love reading your comments.  Just click on the comment button below and you can share.

Thanks for reading and sharing.  I hope you have a delightful day!

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