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A Delightful Walk Through Peters Canyon

I can't believe that I have lived in this area for over 28 years and have never taken a walk around Peters Canyon Lake which is only about a mile from my house!  This is the most beautiful walk.  My son, Chris, was here for a visit and we took this 2.5 mile walk around the lake.  

I had heard it was a long walk with steep grades and it was on the second half.  It was well worth it!  I think in the future I will walk the scenic west side to the half way point and turn around and walk it back.  The views of the lake, bunnies, and greenery were so delightful.  The day we went it was about 8:30 am on an overcast morning.

I will refrain from commenting further so you can just enjoy the views we encountered.

This hill is a lot steeper than it looks!  Hope you get a chance to walk this pretty path sometime soon.

Hugs, Debbie

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