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Additional Ideas For Storing Tablecloths

What you are viewing is a picture of the solid color tablecloths in my closet.  I find this is the absolute best way to store them for ease of use.  I used to store them in plastic bins throughout different places in the house and I couldn't easily find the ones I wanted to use.  Now, I just slide the closet door open and there they are, all with size labels and arranged by colors.  Shown below is a free PNG file you can print right on to a 30 label sheet and then attach to your tablecloths.  I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.  It is fantastic to be able to locate all the things you need for an event easily. 

Simply click on the label numbers to print your own.  Have a delightful day!


  1. This is from my sister, Jane:

    I really like the blog about the armoire and the is a hint....the plastic hangers are much better than the wire ones you get when they come back from the cleaners. But if the cloth is stored for long it will have hard to remove creases. Use the inner roll from a roll of paper towels cut lengthwise to slip over the bar of the hanger. Tape to secure it, then put the cloth over it. You can use a folded terry cloth wash cloth over the bar, too. They are a little more difficult to keep in place if you don't use safety pins....or clothes pins to secure over the bar. I really don't like those creases.....The only disadvantage is the hangers take up slightly more room. I guess if you wanted to be fancy, you could roll batting strips around the bar, cover with pretty ribbon, and secure it. So...there is my hint....;-)

    I like the napkins in a box, too. There is nothing so pretty to me as a stack of old linens, though.

    I would put the sizes on the hanger....on one of those string tags we were looking at last week. You can get them at Staples....or you could make them out of scrapbook paper and put a photo of the table all set on it or the photo could go in the napkin box at the end so you could see it from the outside. Love, Jane

    1. Thanks for your ideas Jane. I like the idea of those tags and just hang them on the hanger. Seems like when I iron my tablecloths all the creases iron out. But it is probably a better idea to use the paper towel rolls.

  2. I too am a big fan of the string tag concept. That way the tag stays on the hanger and is reserved while it's in use or being laundered. I also add a short description of the cloth on the opposite side in the even I have more than one cloth in use at a time.

    - The Tablescaper