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My Favorite Blog...Get Ready to be Wowed!


I discovered the most BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, GLORIOUS, HELPFUL, DELICIOUS, and INSPIRING blog a little over a month ago.  It is so lovely that I want to share it with anyone who wants to indulge in a treat for your eyes and soul.  Yvonne and I share so many of the same passions and love of beautiful dishes, dining, entertaining, family and faith.  

In addition to the many domestic living posts she enters, she also has a scripture she shares on Sunday along with a picture of somewhere in Israel.  It's like she takes you with her, wherever she goes or whatever she's doing.  Whenever I see something that almost takes my  breath  away on  Pinterest, it is usually another unique pin from   I guaranty you will be DELIGHTED if you visit her blog!

When I saw her blog post:  "What to Do With All Your Dishes", (or something close to that) I knew I would LOVE her and I do.  Yvonne even responds to your emails.  She lives on the East Coast, and just extracts all the beauty life has to give into her life and generously shares it with others.  You MUST visit her blog.  You also can sign up to be a "Follower" and receive her posts by email too.  If you have the time, she's got the inspiration!  


  1. Beautiful Debbie. I can see right away why you liked her blog. Heading over to take a peek myself.

    1. Susan, I could spend hours viewing Yvonne's blog entries. It's funny, she and I have many of the same dishes and table adornments. I think if she lived out here we would all be good friends. Thanks for commenting. Hugs!

  2. Hi Debbie, WOW! you make me blush! Bless your sweetest heart!!!!
    I think if we lived close to each other we would be good friends too!

    I am so humbled and very very thrilled that you like my blog, but more than that... that it inspires you! The whole goal of StoneGable is to inspire. Inspire creativity... inspire God's people to know Him more inspire those who have questions about God to ask me!
    Thank you so much for this huge kind shout-out! I am making euro shams... now if I can only get my big head through the study door!

    1. Yvonne, you make me laugh! I saw the beautiful fabric you chose on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing the finished work :-)