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Spring Tea Ideas

I have compiled a pretty full set of pictures from a Tea I was very fond of hosting. Springtime seems to be the right time to re-introduce this to my new followers.

A wreath with "Happy Birthday" ribbon was a pleasant greeting.
The next two pictures are the Menu Card (See wording on a previous post of this Tea: "Trina's Happy Bird-Day Tea"
The pretty bird awaits her guests.
Another birthday greeting posted on wooden bird houses.
The tea pots are ready!
More birdie decor.
The table awaits its guests.
The treasured guests, minus Janice who took the photo.
Chocolate, chocolate chip scones and cream scones accompanied by the seeded raspberry jam.
Floral display and Bird Book.
Uniquely designed sandwiches.
Amazing chilled raspberry soup. (Featured on previous blog post)
The centerpiece.
And last, but certainly not least, the Sweet Tweets.

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Thanks for visiting. Have a delightful day!

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