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Citrus & Sunflowers


I attended a dinner about a week ago in which the tables were so beautifully set.  They were stunning from the moment we laid our eyes on them.  Set atop a long natural burlap runner, the fruit placed throughout the table was so vibrant and fresh. The sunflowers added an element of delight as did the bright silver buckets.  Because there were over 25 of us at this dinner, paper plates were used.  The nature design featured a bird and flowers that complimented the  whole ensemble.  

We shared a delicious salad and cheese bread much like the legendary bread  served at The Smokehouse in Burbank, CA.  Look for my rendition of that recipe in a future blog :-).  I warn you, it's addicting! Our dessert was a scrumptious strawberry shortcake. I hope you enjoy the beauty of these tables as much as we did.

Table Design by Kristen Davey
Photographers by Janice Kupratis


  1. Cut oranges (or lemons?)in the water ,very clever way to make a jar of flowers look fabulous.