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Spring Luncheon-Six Ways To Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

1. Start with a unique invitation.

2. Adorn your entrance with a themed welcome message.

3. Always offer a signature welcome beverage.

Let the fun begin! 
4. Strike up a warm conversation.  Introduce friends to each other and be sure to say something you like about each one to the other.  That way they know something about them to engage in their own conversations.

5. Feature themed decorations and a custom place holder.  Here, pink glittered letters were affixed to an egg within a decoupaged egg cup that my guests were invited to take home as a special remembrance.

6. Offer your guests something fun to do. 
 Here we customized candles and made beverage charms.

 We decorated water bottles.

My guests learned how to make a custom flower arrangement. 
 All of these elements make a guest feel very welcome and 
that you greatly anticipated their arrival and participation. 

 How do you make your guests feel welcome when you host an event? 
I love hearing new and unique ideas.

Collage photos by Anita Lucarelli

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