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Valentines Berried Treasure Slushy Punch

One of the very best recipes for punch that I have ever had, is what I call "Berried Treasure Slushy Punch". It is made with Jell-O, fruit juices and lemon-lime soda.  It compliments everything and is quite tasty.  I love its slushy texture which provides an unexpected element.  Versions of this punch have been served at receptions, showers and parties for years. Find the recipe here

What I have discovered is that it blends well with sparkling wines as a welcome beverage. I have mixed it with Brut sparkling wine, Peach sparkling wine, but it is a show stopper with Strawberry sparkling wine.  How could it not be?!  I found mine at World Market for about $9 a bottle.  Here is the view of one that would work just as well.

AndrĂ© Strawberry Champagne Californi 

Present this drink in a fluted champagne glass topped with a strawberry and sprig of mint leaves for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, birthdays, showers or any other party.  For Christmas top with 3 cranberries and a mint sprig.  I guaranty you that you will hear gasps of delight if you serve this beverage at your party.  Trust me on this!  Totally delightful. Be sure you have enough to offer a second glass to your guests. 

Note: This punch pairs marvelously with any bacon appetizer.

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  1. Well this came at the perfect time. I am hosting a rather large party in March and I think I'll make this. With an added twist for color of course! I'll let you know if my big crowd of folks like it or not!