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New Book "How To Host A Delightful Tea"

Writing and publishing a book has always been a dream of mine.  Forever on my bucket list, something I can now cross off!  However, I must say, publishing a book is like having a baby.  I immediately want to write another one.  I still have ideas rolling around in my noggin. 

I self-published this book and am so proud of it.  I know it isn't the caliber of Martha Stewart, although in some ways it is even better. It is super special to me because it includes Teas I have hosted and ideas that I want to share to make anyone who desires to host a Tea have a great experience.  It's full of instructions on hosting an event that is above average.  I believe it takes just a bit more effort to take something from average to above average.  In my case, I wanted it to include the word "Delightful" in the title. because it is always my goal to make any event I host delightful for my guests, and for me!

I created it in a spiral format because I want people to use it.  Fold it back, copy a list from it, or a recipe when needed. I tried to price it fairly as books are not inexpensive to publish, especially in color with lots of photographs. I chose to design it that way because I'm very visual so I must have pictures to give me the inspiration I need. 

This is a first for selling an item on my blog.  I don't inundate you with ads.  It's available to you if you wish to buy one,  or ten ;-).  Just click here.

Thanks for your continued viewing and support. I'm so very grateful for each of you.