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Easy & Inexpensive Christmas Snowman Party Favors

Isn't this an adorable party favor?
It would also be a very clever hostess gift during the Christmas season.

You can make it in about five minutes if you have all of the materials on hand..

Here's what you will need:

  • Sturdy large paper or plastic plates (if making more than one.)
  • Large plastic plant liners to invert as domes.
  • A mini colander for each gift. (They come in red, white, green, and blue at World Market for $2.00 each.)
  • A variety of small to medium ornamental snowflakes  (The larger ones are too big)
  • Real or artificial greenery.  (I used small round artificial pine circles purchased from an online craft store.)
  • Pine or cinnamon candles from The Dollar Store.
  • Snap-on snowmen, or whatever other type of embellishments you might want (Santas, reindeer, elves,  or owls, etc.  You could use nests, birds, and flowers for Christmas or other occasions. I wanted mine to resemble snow globes.
  • A measure of coordinating ribbon to tie around the colander.
  • Glue dots

Arrange as shown.
If you use the dome and plates, which you don't have to, place rolled glue dots on four sides of the bottom of the dome  and secure it to the plate.  

Your done!  

Can you tell me about a clever party favor you have seen or made?  
What made it special to you?

I love to hear from you!



  1. I like this gift with a holiday flair. And useful too. One of my favorite hostess gifts I made was using a medium size canning glass jars filled with manicure/pedicure items. Nail polish, buffer/file, cotton balls, lotion, foot scrub and a few Q-tips tied up with a pretty ribbon. Put it all in the jar add the lid and tie with a pretty ribbon and add a name tag. I bought the jars at Target, and nail polish. Every thing else I bought at Michaels and the dollar store

  2. Sounds wonderful! Your blessed loved ones must have had big smiles on their faces. It doesn't cost a lot to show someone some tangible love. It truly is the thought that counts.