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Nova Scotia Highlights & Delights-Lunenburg

One of the first stops we made on our trip to Nova Scotia this summer was Lunenburg.   What a quaint little memorable seaside town in was! We had our first delightful meal at The Old Fish Factory (shown below). We enjoyed the best lunch of the whole trip here. 

 The Old Fish Factory, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

My Seafood Chowder was exquisite and the Asian Seafood Salad I partook of was not to be matched ANYWHERE!  If you click on the link above, you will see their wonderful variety of menu selections.  It will make you hungry just to look at the enticing pictures.

My friend Terry, tasted one half of one scallop and sought to find scallops that rivaled these for the rest of our trip, I think without success.  

 Asian Seafood Salad with cold noodles and cabbage. UNFORGETTABLE!

Seafood Chowder~The BEST in North America!

 The Wedding Cake House

 The Harbor

These delightfully colored buildings were protested by many residents when the first building was painted gold.  When taken to court, the judge said, "You can paint the exterior of your house any color you want".  The townspeople learned to embrace the colors and others followed with other brightly colored buildings.  Now you can enjoy a unique seaside town unlike any other.

An old Lutheran Church very well maintained.

Another church, the second oldest in Canada, built in the mid 1700's.  It was burned down on Halloween night in the 1970's and completely restored to its original design.

The original door design.

The waterfront as you close in on the city hosts 5 different churches.

As you can see from the pictures this was a delightfully picturesque village.  
What a great way it was to start our journey.

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  1. What a great share today Debbie. Lovely pictures of your trip is a true delight of the senses. Makes me feel as if I was there too. And I was ready to take a bite of your chowder! It looked so good. Loved today's post!