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Valentines Cards, Invitations & Party Favors

Constructed from bathroom tissue rolls, glitter paper and glittered fabric, these are able to host a lot of smalls! They can hold small perfume or bubble bath bottles, wrapped chocolates or candies, or you can even place potpourri within tulle and tie with a coordinating bow. The possibilities and themes are endless.

These are the invitations I made for upcoming "And The Sisters Expressed Their Love" Tea. It comes from the twelfth book of John, where Mary and Martha expressed their love to Jesus in different ways.

At our Tea, we will be reading our own composed Valentines that we have written to Jesus. Mary expressed her love by pouring out her expensive and treasured bottle of perfume. I have to think over and over, how do I express my love to Jesus. It's fun and worshipful to think of the ways.

With a punch, I cut hearts out of Red Velvet paper and gold glitter paper. I reversed them on the cards to make so many. I had a "Hugs and Kisses" punch that I used for the tops. The invitation opens outward. I like that it is unique and not like anything else one would receive.