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Snowman Snow Flurry Christmas Table

Here's what I am planning for one of my tables at Christmas. The younger folks can't really appreciate fines china and crystal, so I set a different table for theme\ always with the theme of "Christmas Fun".

I was asked to help a friend come up with a plan for her Christmas tables and this is one of the one's I came up with for her. I liked it so much, I am setting my fun table up this way too. I hope you like it and I'd love to hear how you are decorating yours.

The Snowmen Plates came from Pier 1 and are pretty reasonable. I used my antique Boopie crimson and emerald glasses along with a crystal Champagne glass. The red silverware is from Macy's Fiesta pattern. I was so fortunate to be able to buy a very unique snowflake punch along with two Martha Stewart punches. I have ordered a royal blue table cloth for my table and will be punching many more paper snowflakes for the table before Christmas dinner!

I purchased two cute snowpeople for the centerpiece and am really looking forward to seeing the delight on the young one's faces when they see my table. :-)