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How To Make A Fancy Burlap Tablecloth

A few things to know before you purchase your burlap:
1. Buy at least 12 inches more than you think you will need!
2. Burlap comes in different colors. Choose the one that best suits your goals.
3. Burlap is itchy and make a bit of a mess.

Lay your burlap fabric out on a table and look at it closely. You want to pull a thread that insures you will have at least an inch of fringe after you have pulled the thread out to where you want your table cloth to start. In the photo below, it looks like it is much longer than an inch because it is. At one end, it is shorter than the other so this is demonstrating how far you may have to go to find that point.

When you have the spot chosen that works for you, pull one of the threads all the way out.
Now you have a marker of where you will want your table cloth to end,
but be sure to leave at least one inch of fringe that you will trim.

The salvage sides of the burlap are finished off. Cut the edge off as shown.
See how crooked the edges are before you pull the strings?
This is why you have to buy more than you think you will need.
Now, start pulling all of the threads at the bottom out, about two or three at a time. SAVE the threads as neatly as possible. You will be able to use them later.
Keep pulling until you have pulled all of the threads to the original line.
Trim to the length you desire the fringe to be.
Repeat this process on the sides and opposite end of the tablecloth.
Cut the edge off of the other salvage side.
Notice how the fringe is about one inch all the way around your piece.
You can use the cut salvage edge pieces and strings to tie around package.
Save the strings to tie around napkins or packages.
When you are finished, your tablecloth should look similar to this. To make it extra fancy, count inward from the edges about 10 strings worth and pull two strings, next to each other, out on all four sides. You will have a design all around the tablecloth. I preferred this look.
The burlap table cloth is a perfect fabric as an under-cloth for a floral and leafy themed fabric used with Pottery Barn's bird dishes, nests, eggs and whatever else you come up with to decorate your table. Don't be surprised if you see the birds stopping buy for a view of your delightful table!


  1. Debbie, you have an eye and talent to see and make something beautiful from the ordinary.

  2. Why thank you Susan! I have soooooo much fun just thinking things up! You are so sweet to comment. Hugs to you.

  3. I just learned how to do ribbon embroidery on burlap today! I started making a bookmark. Looks pretty good for a first attempt. Made a pretty rose with the ribbon. I'm really enjoying all your neat posts, Debbie. Wish you lived closer, girlfriend...we would have a blast doing crafts together. And we could drink carmel machiados (sp?) like we discovered in Spain.

  4. I wished you lived closer to me Angie! Our weather is DELIGHTFUL! So glad to see you are viewing. I'd love to see pictures of your projects. Can you send some by email? I LOVE making things. Sounds like you do too. Did you sign up on my blog to be a follower? That would be cool :-) So good to hear from you clear in Chicago area!

  5. Oh yes, Angie, I LOVE Carmel Machiados!! (Spelling works for me).

  6. It sounds complicated to make but I absolutely love how it turned out and it looks marvelous. great job. However, did it soften much after washing it?

  7. fantastic, I think you are brave to take this on. Burlap tablecloth probably isn't easy to sew on. Doesn't it pull and stretch out of shape?