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Gift Wrapping Embellishments (To Be Continued)

Here's a fun way to dress up gift cards! These snowmen stockings were located at Michael's for about $4 each. :-)

The gift basket was constructed with a floral spray. A few of us added gifts and it needed to be wrapped quickly. Our recipient was very pleased with the exterior and the interior. ;-)

When you have a friend that likes brown, but also enjoys femininity, this wrapping of a box works nicely.

I just purchased Carolyne Roehm's book,
Presentations, A Passion for Gift Wrapping, which gives you LOTS of CLASSY ideas for wrapping gifts so that your recipient feels special. I have almost every book this woman has ever written. Most of her books start with the title, "A Passion For". She has a lot of the same "passions" I do.

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