2022 Christmas Card







Dear Friends & Extended Family~~

 This time of year always brings to mind just how important our family and friends are to us and how thankful we are for them.  You are among the people that come to mind when we think of those who bless our lives.

Christmas is a time of year when lots of things “sparkle”.  Myriads of  lights on houses and trees, glitter on Christmas cards, crystal glasses, candles lit and burning throughout one’s home, Christmas ornaments on trees, bows on packages, Mylar in gift bags,  cherished decorations carefully placed for the celebrations to come,  and for some, snow in the yard.

 Two special sparkles that warm our hearts and light up our lives are the smiling teeth on a child or friend’s face, and, the shining  eye’s of loved one’s that light up when they see you.  These smiles and gleams come from a place of joy and happiness and convey a special connection between two people.  How we love people who love us!  Without them, our lives would have less sparkle.  We’re thankful to you for all the smiles, lit-up eyes, and expressions of love you’ve given to nurture our relationship.  The song title, “You Decorated My Life” comes to mind as we think of you and our relationship over the years.

 At Christmas, the most significant sparkle that comes to mind is the sparkling star above the manger pointing the way to a new born Savior.  Oh, the peace and joy of a redeemed life.  May we all remember what our Savior, Jesus Christ, has given us and find deep contentment and reciprocal feelings toward others as we celebrate His birth.  May we always adore Him above all else.

 We want to extend our most sincere and warm wishes for you and your loved ones to have a blessed Christmas season.


Debbie & John


The King is wild for you. Since He's your Lord, adore him.    Psalm 45:11 MSG

Pictures are from our trips to Ireland, Canada, Utah and around our home.